The original Freerain rainwater harvesting systems were amongst the first to be used in the UK, at the time being technology imported from the already mature German market. Transport costs, particularly of the water storage tank component of the systems, made them unnecessarily expensive for the UK, leading to them being eventually superseded by British made systems based on the same principles.


The accessible components of the system are shown opposite, Figures 1 to 3 identifying the system controls to be found inside the building. The components shown in Figures 4 to 6 are accessible for servicing purposes once the lid of the storage tank is removed.

Component Functions

Unlike later systems, the pump used on this system is not self-actuating, and switched on when the controls sense a demand for water, and off again when there is no longer a demand. The main roles played by the various components to achieve this is as follows:

  • The pump controller senses the demand
  • The capacitor provides power to the pump
  • The management unit controls the whole system and assists with fault-finding as shown in the table below:

Routine Maintenance

The only routine maintenance required by the system, is an occasional washing-off of the filter which can be accessed by removing the storage-tank lid, and lifting the filter out of its housing using the handle provided.

The frequency of cleaning will depend upon local conditions, but should be not need to be more than quarterly.

System Schematic

The layout of the system as a whole, is shown in the schematic diagram below:

User Information

The User Guide for these systems can be downloaded here.


The meanings of the various LED lights on the management unit, are shown in the table below:

The fault-finding information for the systems is shown in the table below:

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