Stresses on water supplies …Water Stress - 2

There are significant stresses on water-supplies throughout much of England south of the Humber Estuary, particularly in the relatively dry and highly populated areas to the East of the country and around London.

These stresses are predicted to intensify over coming decades, as population growth increases demand, and anticipated changes to rainfall patterns causing a greater incidence of winter floods and summer droughts.

This is well-illustrated by Environment Agency projections of deteriorating growing conditions for the agricultural sector.



Twin benefits of rainwater harvesting … Growing Conditions

Progressive adoption of rainwater harvesting systems in new-build and renovated homes, and in existing and new-build commercial premises, helps to offset the increasing flood risks by storing some rainfall on-site, rather than letting it flow down-stream.

Typically domestic systems are likely to reduce mains-water consumption by around 40%, rising to potentially more than 80% in commercial premises, thus substantially reducing the demand for increasingly scarce mains-water.